Fashion Logistics.

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Which are the main features of the fashion logistics?

Fashion logistics must be able to manage some critical issues:

  • Very high number of articles and variants
  • Several product categories (hanging and flat-packed garments, footwear, handbags, accessories)
  • Stock management by technical box or customer box
  • Seasonality
  • Order preparation for several distribution channels (e-commerce, wholesale and retail)
  • Replenishment management
  • Returns management
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Our approach for a tailor-made logistics.

We manage multi-product and multi-channel logistics

We handle different product categories (hanging and flat-packed garments, footwear, handbags and accessories) and different distribution channels (retail, wholesale, e-commerce) with the same system: we share facilities and systems to optimize the process.

We integrate the supply chain

We interface our system with suppliers, clients and partners to make the whole supply chain consistent. We believe that cooperation can bring common benefits and we promote data sharing.

We add specific value to fashion business

We manage truly differentiating activities for fashion: quality check, fabric composition, reconditioning of faulty items, ironing, repackaging, samples collection, replenishment, product serial numbers.

We assist the clients to develop their omni-channel strategy

We aim to increase clients’ sales opportunities by giving our clients the opportunity to integrate their sales channels: it sounds complex, but we make it easier to manage a multi-channels distribution model.

Why rely on alisped logistics?

  • Seasonal volumes

    We are aware of the production cycles typical in fashion business, we plan and set resources in advance to manage peak and low seasons.

  • Special care in handling high value products

    We ensure that items are handled with care in safe and certified warehouses.

  • Some tasks require strong experience and specialization

    Operations are entrusted to staff with very low turnover: they are directly managed by Alisped Logistics and not sub-contracted to third‑party agencies.

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