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Which are the main features of the e-commerce logistics?

E-commerce logistics has some peculiarities:

  • Small and fragmented orders (around 80% of orders have 1 or 2 items)
  • Many SKUs, lot of slow movers, quick obsolescence
  • Lack of reliable forecasting and planning
  • Variable volumes with huge peaks at given times or during “flash” sales
  • Very quick delivery (from few hours to 1-2 days)
  • Returns management, often with huge reverse volumes
  • Great accuracy (near to zero errors accepted)
  • Special care on packaging: specific e-commerce packaging is often required to protect products and be eco-friendly
  • Fluctuations of demand and processes, hence the need to promptly react
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Our approach for effective logistics.

We design and implement the logistics system

We set up an efficient system that facilitates sales. If the consumer’s expectations are met or exceeded, sales increase and the whole system works.

We turn a fixed cost into a variable one

We offer variable pricing structures, so that clients can link logistics costs to their volumes and consequently to the revenues they earn.

We optimise resources

We standardize processes: internal flows, data exchange, consumables.

We build scalable models

We design scalable processes to improve efficiency over time, according to clients’ needs.

We offer customised solutions

We provide tailor-made services, special packaging, last mile  solutions, track & trace information.

We support the clients to develop their online business

We act as growth facilitators: from start-up, where flexibility and design skills are key, to scale-up, where efficiency and scalability are crucial.

Why relying on alisped logistics?

  • Online purchases are driven by emotions

    We help you to keep your promises to your customers and to build a solid reputation through a simple, smooth and satisfying purchasing process. Consumers want to be part of the brand with a fulfilling shopping experience: we support you to make this possible with an effective logistics.

  • Online purchases are part of the omni-channel system

    We help you to establish an efficient omni-channel system, where every single channel is interconnected, sales strategies are coherent, customer experience is fluid through many different touchpoints.

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