The European Customs Authority has recognized Alisped as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Aeo Certificazione

Striving for continuous improvement and procedural upgrades, Alisped has obtained  the AEO certification, which is the the European Customs Agency’s recognition as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

The aforementioned status certifies a situation of specific reliability of a particular subject in respect of customs authorities, both in terms of customs compliance and in terms of security in shipments handling, and is part of the new procedures for computerization in the relations between individuals and authorities in charge to control international trading activities.

The AEO authorization obtained by Alisped is a “full” type (AEO – F), since it includes both the part concerning security (AEO – S) and the one concerning customs compliance (AEO-C).

Our company decided to put its efforts into reaching this type of certification which, although more complex and time-consuming, undoubtedly ensures standards of excellence in the management of the logistics chain and, as a consequence, better protects customers who decide to award their own shipments to us.


Obtaining the certification generates the following practical benefits for us and our customers:

  • Better relationship with the customs authorities and lower possibility of documental and physical controls
  • Better image as a safe and reliable logistics operator
  • Mutual recognition of the AEO certificate with similar programs established in other foreign countries, including the Japanese AEO one the USA’s C-TPAT, which generates more streamlined process in customs clearance to and from such countries

Certification ISO9001.

Certificazione Iso

Quality system certification ISO9001 requires the company to prepare a management system in order to meet the expectations of customers through:

  • Analysis, understanding and definition of mandatory requirements and of products and services quality;
  • Planning, management and monitoring of the processes which are necessary to achieve the expected results, promoting efficiency;
  • Guarantee of availability of needed resources;
  • Rectification of the non-compliance and corrective actions;
  • Periodic review of the results and definition of actions to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


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