Reverse Logistics

Management of product returns.

Reverse Logistics
Alisped Gestione Resi Reverse Logistic

Which are the main features of the reverse logistics?

The return process must be simple and smooth for the consumer: returns are now a substantial part of the online shopping experience, therefore they must be easy to handle and free of charge. The easier the return, the greater the chance that the customer will complete the purchase, becoming a supporter of the brand and writing good reviews.

Returns must be properly managed: they are time consuming, expensive and challenging, but if well organized, they may even increase revenues. From a logistics perspective, they must be efficient, sustainable and profitable.

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Our approach for functional reverse logistics.

We arrange collection both at the consumer premise and at a collection point

We choose the best service according to product category, timing and location of the pick-up. We cooperate with major national and international couriers.

We check the return compliance

We check if the returned item is correct as per return label, SKU and the return authorization.

We check the return quality

We check the returned item step by step, according to a guideline developed with the client; we spot any defects or damages on the products. The quality check defines an ABC grading and any eventual reconditioning or repair of the product.

We run and update the information system

Any information collected during the receiving, control and handling are uploaded in the warehouse management system in order to create the product’s identity card and trace its history.

We repair and recondition the returned products

Returned products may need some extra work.
Maybe they need to be:

  • Rewrapped and repackaged
  • Reconditioned (washed, ironed, repaired)
  • Accompanied by photos, descriptive notes, control cards
  • Placed in stock on dedicated inventory accounts files (first choice, second choice, flawed)

Why rely on alisped logistics?

  • Returns have a huge impact on profitability and reputation of the brand

    We effectively manage reverse business, which represent from 15% to 40% of  B2C purchases (up to 50% in the fashion sector). If properly managed, returns are a strong marketing and selling tool.

  • Returns are relevant in every distribution channel

    We are specialized in both B2C and B2B returns: well managed returns can increase sales opportunities and move huge volumes of products into new sales channels.

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