Alisped: sustainability for real. Embracing the three-dimensional concept of sustainability and declining it in concrete paths

One of the words of 2021 is sustainability, declined both in its macro meanings, i.e. human, environmental and economic and in the everyday micro meanings. With the view to choose concrete paths, Alisped embraces the three-dimensional nature of sustainability and applies it to the everyday business practice. That is, sustainability for real. Let’s start, forRead More

What we ship, how we ship it. Since 1968. Markets and skills

Founded in 1968, today Alisped is a certainty as per international transportation and logistics. Which are the reference markets and the skills acquired, in detail? What do we ship and how do we ship it so that we can provide certainties to our clients? Prato, cradle of the textile tradition, needs no introduction as perRead More

A-gender logistics. Alisped at the forefront against the gender gap: gender-based logistics.

The occupational gender gap is a highly complex and debated issue, up to the levels of UN WOMEN. Alisped is at the forefront against it, aiming to support what we could call A-gender Logistics: the overcoming of gender-based logistics where the main aspects to be evaluated, such as talent and commitment, are not specific toRead More

Shipping at a constant temperature. Alisped ensures an exclusive service that totally meets expectations.

“Let me explain: a reefer is a container where goods can be kept at a specific constant temperature, usually in order not to damage them in any way. In our case, the shipment included precious furniture by one of the best Italian high-end, modern design furniture companies, to be delivered to Macau. As Alisped OceanRead More

That one little miracle. Or better: organization and communication skills in a battle against time.

International shipping companies don’t believe in miracles. They believe in skills: organization, communication, thoroughness. Every detail must fit together like pieces of a puzzle and that’s how you win. No miracles, just skills. And if you’ve got them, you can take the one real challenge. Since 1968, Alisped has won battles against time nearly everyRead More

Challenge: turnkey everything. A more than $20 million production line from Italy to Shanghai, in the midst of a pandemic.

“Before starting this interview, I just want to say that we are going to talk about a challenge. Not an average one as Alisped international shipping company faces many times a day. We are going to talk about a turnkey project from Italy to Shanghai in the worst possible moment ever, about handling a moreRead More