Shipping at a constant temperature. Alisped ensures an exclusive service that totally meets expectations.

“Let me explain: a reefer is a container where goods can be kept at a specific constant temperature, usually in order not to damage them in any way. In our case, the shipment included precious furniture by one of the best Italian high-end, modern design furniture companies, to be delivered to Macau. As Alisped Ocean Export Manager, I have handled every single detail of the shipment. Expectations were high and have been fulfilled.

Antonella Rinaldi, Ocean Export Manager at Alisped, is more than used to expeditions of importance and strict time frames.

“One of the probable chances we had to take was finding those special reefers, that obviously had to be requested well in advance. Thanks to Alisped excellent relations with some of the best marine carriers, all of the loading units have been found and reserved. Then, it was mandatory to reach the perfect temperature and keep it stable during both road and maritime transport – and also during storage. Not surprisingly, once in Macau, the agreed storage period run a little over because of construction site delays: the actual delivery was delayed of about six months. But thanks to storage warehouses with constant temperature, integrity of furniturehas been perfectly preserved until the final delivery at the final destination.”

Obviously, Alisped handled all transport chain formalities: from finding the necessary loading units, to arranging road transportation to the port of Genoa, from checking customs documentation to filling out the Bill of Lading; from the weighing of containers according to the current legislation to the reservation of all the needed spaces, i.e. on the ship, or to load and unload the cargo; eventually, Alisped took care of finding a warehouse with all the necessary features, particularly enough room for storage.

“When the client entrusted the overseas transport to Alisped, the proper documentation requested in order to proceed with loading at the port of Genoa had been verified since days, just like the one needed for clearance in Macau. The first rule of a shipping company is meeting the agreed deadlines, which goes together with goods preservation, of course. Alisped has scheduled this shipment in detail, not leaving anything to chance, preparing and double, triple checking the documentation in advance. This is how Alisped ensures top quality service.

“Furthermore, the shipped goods were very precious and made of fabrics created by one of the most renowned, historical Italian fashion brand. That meant paying even more attention if possible and also more documentation to be prepared. In fact, the real exporter was not only our customer, but also the fashion company that had supplied those precious fabrics. Every single document had to be perfect, because we couldn’t accept delays of any kind.”

Talking about professionalism, Alisped can rely on trustworthy professional agents all over the world.

“In Macau, as in many other parts of the world, Alisped cooperates with an agent we absolutely trust, it couldn’t be any different. When the goods arrived in Macau, Alisped Italian office, and I in particular, we kept constantly in contact with the agent who was meticulously taking care of disembarkation with all that that entailed: quickly clearing of containers in order not to overstep in-port freetime, transfer of the goods inside the storage warehouses, unloading and preserving delicate goods in an appropriate area.”

Alisped ensured top quality service.

“As I said, expectations were high and have been fulfilled thanks to, I dare say, the stunning professionalism of all people involved in the project. Because Alisped has always one goal: to provide the service the customer expects.”


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